iRiver: Disciple

A multi-language workhorse (and dictionary), the pocket device was holistically designed to support quick learning where you are

Iriver’s successful electronic dictionary Disciple needed to be revamped due to newly available technologies and changing user needs. Students across South Korean schools and universities used iRiver’s Discipline with integrated dictionary as well as encyclopedia throughout their busy curriculums. To take iRiver’s electronic helpers to a new era its new look had to resemble design trends of smart phones and cool gadgets, yet convey iRivers strongly brand-driven design language.

What we didThe Discple’s soft rounded shape is designed for comfortable handling inside classrooms and outdoors. In combination with the muted colours the design looks uncluttered and contemporary. Going thorough plenty of form studies and sketch ideations we also enhanced the user experience, accentuating essential UI functions with a shiny aluminium four-way key, while other hot-keys for common interactions were added. The Discple D250 emerged as the well-received successor to iRiver’s previous Disciple.

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