iHome: Kineta Bluetooth speaker

Fusing power with portability the Kineta speaker features an ejectable battery that also works as an external power pack

Envary teamed up with American digital audio brand iHome to refine the user experience and product design of iHome’s brand-new Kineta sound system, a portable Bluetooth speaker with detachable USB-power packs one can also use to charge other portable devices. Besides of enabling iHome to impactfully differentiate their product in the crowded category, the speaker had to capture untapped audiences with its powerful system whose detachable battery could additionally level-up the speaker’s sound boost.

What we didOur team provided design strategy, design refinement, CMF strategy and development for several design variations. Due to the speakers twin-powered sound engine we strategically explored all implications on the user experience and optimised user interface as well as product design to better cater these users. In this phase we also developed CMF concepts with different style themes empowering a cutting-edge look. The double powered Kineta iKN150BC launched in 2015.

  • CMF
  • Packaging
  • Product design
  • UX
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