Angel: Water Dispensers

Creating Angel's first consistently designed product family of water dispensers, also following the brand's new scientific product identity

Driven by the water safety concerns of many Chinese households appliance brand Angel strives to be leader of clean water. Angel’s water filters, dispensers and water softeners had to be taken to the next level, driven by the brand’s newly developed product design language (see related projects). We teamed up with Angel to initially tackle their water dispenser line. Desk- and wall-type dispensers are must-have appliances in most Chinese households providing hot or cool drinking water to make tea, soups or prepare infant formula. Besides of enhancing product installation, maintenance, ease of use and ensuring a spatially efficient footprint, it was integral to the project’s success to build a visibly better product, also getting the design in tune with Angel’s scientific brand look.

What we didOur team managed the product design development from idea to feasibility, exploring suitable form factors that would spatially fit onto crowded kitchen counters, but also evolving functional details and tackling the overall design implementation. Accounting for busy Chinese kitchens in which the versatile use of food containers in all shapes and sizes is the norm (washing vegetables, cooking soup, drinking water, tea making, etc.), we rethought the implementation of the dispenser’s spout and improved the practicality of the user interface. As Angel’s very first products to be designed in parallel to the development of its product design language, our designers had to develop and refine countless details in order to accomplish Angel’s first brand new signature look (text continues further below)

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