Obsideon Airport Capsule Concept

Rethinking the airport experience: The Obsideon capsule takes passengers into their personal air space

Air travel is known to be one of the most stressing activities for the mind and body. Safety regulations, altering flight conditions, flight information overload, noise, jet lag, luggage handling and extensive gateway walking all wreck the nerves and patience of travellers. One of the bigger hassles: Long waiting times.

The Obsideon pod is a convenient refuge from the hustle and bustle of airports. We designed Obsideon to be a personal relaxation cocoon, helping travellers to bridge longer waiting times between flights, providing privacy, comfortability and the latest flight information. Offered as an additional service by the airline or as part of a signature airport service, the Obsideon Pod will be commonly located inside the terminal area and can be arranged in loose clusters or more discreetly away from the main passenger circulation routes.

What we didWhen designing Obsideon it was important to consider a passengers various needs during the check-in process and their needs afterwards including: logging in with the ticket code, relaxing, falling asleep without ‘wake-up’ worries or just spending private time away from the noise of other travellers.

The pod’s smooth shape was designed with soothing natural materials in mind to ensure it was being perceived as a place of calmness and relaxation, welcoming passengers to rest.

Designed for easy maintenance and mobility, the ‘airport furniture’ can flexibly change position by use of manual forklifts. The pod’s closure carries functional resemblance to the well-known iris shutter, using flexible ‘leaves’ mounted with a tension spring between the inner and outer shell.

Obsideon helps airlines with greater brand differentiation, enhanced customer loyalty and a qualitatively improved customer travel experience.

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