Every big idea starts with a humble hello (+ a good brief). Let's get in touch..

Simply drop us a mail or call in. From the start we are all ears to your challenges, clarifying your objectives and figuring out how we can effectively help

Whether you have a solid project brief, a barebone request or just got a loose idea, we’d love to hear from you.

Simply drop us a message using the forms below, and lets take things further from there. Due to our location in Hong Kong we can easily meet-up in person around Hong Kong or nearby manufacturing-hub Shenzhen, or simply discuss next steps remotely via Skype/Facetime.

Before embarking on a new project we explore specific questions to scope the key challenges of the project. By putting everything crucial on the table, we ensure all opportunities can be taken into account, also talking through different solution options and complexity scenarios. We can tackle projects remotely as we have done previously or co-create with your team(s) hand in hand.


Envary Limited
Unit D, 23F,  Tower A, Ocean Pride
100 Tai Ho Road , Tsuen Wan, NT
S.A.R. Hong Kong


Schaffhauserstrasse 550
CH-8052 Zurich

Germany, Berlin

We will move some of our operations to Berlin at the end of 2019. Please let us know if you have any related enquiries.

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