Innovative, artful or oldskool, we make clients stand out from the crowd

We combine expertise in industrial design, CMF technologies, art direction, branding, brand UX, marketing and strategic design

We mix creativity and brains to unravel untapped growth potential, utilising design to help business succeed in a 21st century world. Our work involves industrial design, strategy, branding and identity development, graphic design in both analog as well as digital spheres. Whether accelerating startup ventures or helping SMEs to gain more grip on the market, we always meet our clients at the bottom line, working with their teams from product idea to launch, from brand vision to user experience.

A good vantage point is key to develop an approach that effectively tunes our knowhow to the success factors. Thus we holistically take on challenges from multiple viewpoints and shape up ways how our capabilities can be best utilised. Both creators and entrepreneurs we view each project in context of business, brand and users, navigating through obstacles insights-driven and solution-focused. Inter-disciplinary and with a moonshot mindset we work hard to deliver innovative work that’s cleverly made to matter.

We go beyond, unlocking opportunities with holistic knowhow in product design, branding and product-brand communication.


We design products from initial idea to the reality of manufacturing, user experience and product launch. Our team also explores new product interactions and use scenarios to discover innovation opportunities.


Enticing customers with delightful unboxing experiences we use our most crafty skills to design clever product packagings such as boxes, soft packs or bottles, also developing alluring visuals .


Whether building a brand from scratch or redesigning one’s existing identity, we make brands iconic and relevant. Beyond visual identities and graphics, we also help to develop brand-driven product design languages.

Product Design, CMF + Technologies

We design game-changing products from initial idea to the reality of manufacturing, user experience and product launch.

Beyond single products we also redefine whole product families or develop brand-inspired design languages. Designing close to the envisioned user experience and insights we always begin our design work re-imagining potential uses of technologies, features, engineering, materials and aesthetics. This  allows us to stay inline with brand and vision, yet inspires greater work throughout.


  • Design for business + Strategy
  • Ideation + Concept Creation
  • Design Development
  • 3D CAD + Visualisation
  • Vision Work & Futures
  • Kickstarter Projects

CMF Materiality + Design for Manufacturing

Materiality is one of our strong points, hence we use our expertise in CMF development and material technologies to make objects emotionally desirable.

Additional to our knowhow in manufacturing technologies we use design for manufacturing and design for engineering to take on feasibility concerns pro-actively. Understanding how people use products in their daily routines then allows us to create simple, yet innovative solutions.


  • Development of material concepts
  • CMF development + visualisation
  • CMF, Material & manufacturing
  • Use of technologies
  • Design for manufactring
  • Design for engineering

Brand Identity + Visual Expressions

We ready companies to become iconic by crafting compelling visual brand identities and bold graphic expressions.

Making brands stand out and leveraging positive customer perceptions is just half the effort. Thus we also help clients to unlock hidden brand powers within the gravity of their products’ strengths. To that end we holistically re-think the brand experience, explore better positioning scenarios and transform the brand personality into a contemporarily designed brand face that turn eyes or heads.


  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Identity + Logo Design
  • Design of brand collaterals
  • Linking brand visuals to products
  • Brand-Product-User Experience

Product Packaging + Presentation + Visual Communication

Enticing customers by delightful presentation we use our most crafty skills to design clever product packagings and alluring marketing visuals.  

We understand how important it is to drive sales in a super competitive environment. Our capability of developing eye-catching visuals and snug packagings involves aspects such as communication, unboxing experience, structure, materials or cost-effective handling. Using plenty of mockups we evolve tactility as well as aesthetics in careful view of differentiation and brand message .


  • Packaging Design + Styling
  • Design of bottles and various containers
  • Product Communication
  • Product photography
  • Websites & E-Commerce

3 ways we collaborate

We develop design-led solutions within projects, collaborate with companies in long-term partnerships or invest our expertise into startup ventures to share success. With a hard working team and plenty of knowhow creating real stuff, we can amplify disruptive ideas into full businesses, also making use of our network of specialists, suppliers and manufacturers.

Creativity powered by diversity

Exposure to many types of project scenarios has made us adaptive and inventive. Having worked on 50+ products (consumer electronics, IoT devices, smart wearables, appliances, fixtures, apparel, home wares, packagings, etc.) and materials (plastics, metals, fabrics, leather, composites, wood, etc.), this versatility is key to discover new ways helping clients succeed.

Sharp ideas with global reach

Whether outsmarting competitors or winning the hearts of customers sometimes it takes the right idea from the right talent. Additional design smarts can be provided by our global band of creatives from different cultural backgrounds, which we often involve for fresh inputs and ideas that bring unexpected views to the table.

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