We are a nimble band of designers & strategists taking on projects or whole ventures

Powered by its crafty workshop mentality our multi-disciplinary team evolves ideas from vision to delightful reality

Initially conspired in Berlin some 15 years ago Swiss+German designers Roger and Stefan founded Envary 2012 in Hong Kong. Rooted in various creative backgrounds the duo strives to blend their different influences into meaningful yet bold work. With a multilateral in-house team plus a group of global creatives we unite expertise in product design development, branding, UX, innovation technologies, design for manufacturing and strategic design thinking for business or brands.

Lined by an 18 feet ideation wall our studio space is all-around set up to take ideas into reality. Getting physical with tools, materials and mockups on two work benches, extensively using our material library or sketching designs on large ash wood tables is an essential part of our design process. Founders Roger and Stefan are always knee-deep involved. Driven by transformative and non-formularic concepts, we believe in outcomes designed iconically and with 21st century users in mind.

Our name is our credo: Diversely exploring a variation of views as in form, appearance or function, we take ideas into reality, yet diverge beyond the ordinary.

Roger Kellenberger

Partner, Design Director
Product Design, CMF Technologies, Design for Manufacturing, Product UX

+ A great team player and former ice-hockey kid..

A great team player and former ice-hockey kid Swiss-born Roger has been around plenty of places, having worked as product designer in LA based startups as well as design companies in San Francisco, Austria and South Korea. With a firm drive to push ideas to the next level, Roger believes that delightfully designed products don’t have to be luxury objects. Meticulously focused on every inch of a project, Roger is hands-on delivering work that amazes clients. Besides, he loves beats and bass.

Stefan Ripperger

Partner, Creative Director
Design, Branding, Art+Creative Direction, CMF, Marketing Communications

+ A Berlin original Stefan combines funky vibes ..

A Berlin original Stefan combines funky vibes & creativity without boundaries. The young gun initially started out as a video game designer, later working with like-minded creatives at Berlin cultural gaming mag Gameface. With unstoppable thirst for punchy record covers and eclectic campaign shoots Stefan soon cruised into graphic design. At Envary he is juxtaposing everything visual, including graphic art direction, photography or branding. Stefan is nuts about yummy chocolate cookies and spaceships, always eager to spin new ideas.

Christian Vatter

Strategic Contributor
Strategic Brand Transformation, Customer Insights, Brand Experience, Service Design

+ Brainchild of the eclectic 80ies Christian is..

Brainchild of the eclectic 80ies Christian is our force to create cultural impact. Knowing that deeply digging into customers and brand insights needs heavy machinery, Christian is a game changer from the start. Mixing plenty of consulting experience and a degree in psychology, Chris leads strategic workshops with C-suites and delivers clarity. A straight shot by +15 years experience he sets change in motion, transforming the foundations that help design to make greater impact for brands and business.

Ethan Zhang Yi

Senior Technical Designer
Design for Manufacturing & Liaison,Technical Design, Manufacturing Technologies

+ Hitting technical solutions spot on..

Hitting technical solutions spot on is one trait, but Ethan’s best minutes come when aiming his NERF toy guns with good rock music. Grown up in the snow-ridden areas of Northern China’s ice city Harbin, Ethan is naturally a football fan (best would be a combination of Manu + Arsenal). Fascinated by Italian product design and human-like robots, our technical ace also mans up the playing field of manufacturing technologies to a fair outcome for customers’ and client’s budgets.

Rozenn Treguer

Project Consultant/ Strategist
Brand Marketing, Design Management, Social Media, Digital Marketing

+ With lots of smarts at work, Rozenn is..

With lots of smarts at work, Rozenn is a real team player enabling us to kick off our work into the right direction. Natively French, she maintains true explorer spirit when exploring Asia’s hidden gems in her travels. Shaping senseful meaning into our relationships with clients, she is always ambitious to bring new insights to the table. In the same line Rozenn used to play handball, she keeps goals and results closely connected to the big picture.

Andy Tam

Junior Designer
Product Design, Ideation & Concept Creation, 3D Design, Visualisation

+ Always keen to focus his camera lens..

Always keen to focus his camera lens to bring new views to neat details, Andy sees reality under a different light. Thrilled by the tangible/touchable ways of concept development, he is our team’s daring craftsman. Although growing up in busy Hong Kong exposes one to much eye candy, its the authentic objects that fascinate him. Heartily involved in materialising mockups and design sketches, Andy is always full head into when things get physical.

Why Envary

Leaving no stones unturned, we rethink design in context to people & brands. We navigate clients through projects, co-creating closely with their teams. Next to great looks we foster the functional value of creativity, involving the latest manufacturing technologies and ensuring bold concepts are made feasible.


  • Iconic: foster unique differentiation
  • Clarity: design to unclutter… to prioritise
  • Nuance: hone details delighting the big idea
  • Beyond: challenge the status-quo
  • User: evolve design + function to empower


  • Relevance: understanding context holistically
  • Substance: improving UX, usability, versatility
  • Laser Focus: limiting our projects annually
  • Clever: making state of the art smart
  • Champion: championing project vision

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