• We design compelling products and develop brands for companies to take on the 21st century

  • A creative company at heart, we help start-ups, entrepreneurs and global brands to level-up their game

  • Curious, crafty and inventive beyond the norm, always knee-deep in materialising big ideas

Creating big ideas relevant to future user worlds we combine sharp ideas and technological knowhow with a moonshot mindset

Design studio Envary helps companies design technologically cutting-edge products, offering industrial design, CMF, UX thinking, packaging design & brand identity development. Our product designers and brand experts aid clients to better materialise their strengths across product + brand experience, thus harnessing greater competitive gains and stronger brand engagement.

Headed by internationally awarded Swiss-German designers Envary also combines a trusted network of industrial designers and creative experts. Founded 2012 in Hong Kong the team works with clients across all industries, also remotely. Half studio, half design consultancy, we believe in the raw power of big ideas, creative transformation and variation, hence our name. 

Product Design | We design products from initial idea to the reality of manufacturing & product launch. Our team often explores product interactions and different use scenarios to discover human-centred innovation opportunities. Thus, we also involve ...deep dives, trend research or design sprints determining how products can improve user experience, market fit and brand building. Deep knowhow of material technologies (incl. a large inhouse CMF library) helps us turning these ideas into feasible outcomes.

Packaging Design | Enticing customers with delightful unboxing experiences we use our most crafty skills to design clever product packagings such as boxes, soft packs or bottles including attention grabbing graphic looks. Throughout.. we take into account factors such as ...appearance, memorability, communication, brand relevance as well as cost and feasibility aspects. Regarding the latter we can also utilise our network of manufacturers to facilitate our ideas or overcome limitations.

Brand Building | Whether from scratch or revitalised, we help to make brands iconic and relevant. Beyond the design of a brand's visual identity or campaign graphics, we can also help to develop a brand-driven product design language. Moreover, we work with ...brands on programs and initiatives utilising the power of fresh ideas, basically using social or collaborative ideation tools to grow innovative ideas from the inside of one's company.

WYFY Mesh WiFi Routers and app

Layers over layers: WyFy's from scratch designed mesh router system combines verve and simplicity

CMF, Graphics, Product design, Strategy, UX

Logi: Smart Home Control App

Aiming to provide users with more intuitive ways to control their smart home, Envary developed a highly accessible app user interface for its smart home vision concept

Branding, Graphics, Strategy, UX

Logi: Smart Home Control & Voice Assistant

Not just making smart home control easy & but also elegant our smart home vision combines 3 in 1: a smart home controller, a qi charger and a voice assistant

CMF, Product design, Strategy, UX

Envary: Moebius Steel Wireframe Chair

The Moebius cantilever chair for indoor and outdoor use is made from an intricate system of welded steel wires interlinked in progressive increments

CMF, Product design

Angel: Water Purifier Family (A4Pro, A6Pro, A8) – IF Award 2018

One of Angel Shenzhen's best selling items Envary's team raised the bar enhancing product UX, maintenance, CMF and many other factors

CMF, Product design, Strategy, UX

Tosen Caps: Brand identity

Building headwear fashion label Tosen and its brand from the ground up

Branding, Graphics

Angel: Central Water Filter System

The re-design of 3 central water purifiers encompassed a significantly enhanced product architecture & usability.

CMF, Product design, Strategy, UX

Angel: Water Softeners

Based on Angel's newly developed product identity, Envary holistically re-designed 2 water softeners from scratch

CMF, Product design, Strategy, UX

Cleanbest: Water Purifier & Filter System

Envary created a refreshing product design for Cleanbest's bluetooth connected water purifier, aimed to appeal to young customers in the Greater China region

CMF, Product design

Tosen: Luxury base-ball leather caps

The design of Tosen's high-end leather caps combines a super comfy fit and individual looks, all made in France.

CMF, Product design, Strategy

Envary Neon Light

Designing its logo in the tradition of old Hong Kong Neon lights, Envary blended tradition & futurism to create one of a kind

Graphics, Product design

Airmate: Ceramic heater

“Ascendo” embodies a fusion of contrasting elements: Heat and Water. The combined heater and humidifier avoids stuffy noses from dry air

Product design

Airmate: Tower heater

Airmate's sleek tower heater merges influences from appliance and consumer electronics, designed to fit contemporary homes

CMF, Product design

Vodafone: Smart Phones 2017

We took Vodafone's 2017 CMF strategy into reality, accentuating shapes and form factor with various CMF concepts


iHome: IoT smart plug

One of the first to work with Apple HomeKit the product design of iHome's WiFi controlled smartplug packs plenty of smarts into its tiny form

CMF, Packaging, Product design, UX

iHome: Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The iconic form factor of the speaker is driven by the idea of handy clutches, easy to grab and hold in one's hand when on the go

CMF, Product design, UX

Pearl Red: Spirits Bottle Design

Our bottle design is taking China's traditional spirit Baijiu into a modern future, helping Pearl Red targeting younger audiences across China

Branding, Packaging, Product design

PlusMinus: Flare Heater

Our vision concept for design-savvy Japanese home appliance maker PlusMinus explores new shapes and possibilities for ceramic heaters

CMF, Product design

Angel: Water Dispensers

Creating Angel's first consistently designed product family of water dispensers, also following the brand's new scientific product identity

CMF, Product design, UX

The sparkling Diva: Prosecco bottle

Shaping brand, product and product name to launch a new Italian Prosecco across clubs and bars in East-Asian markets

Branding, Packaging, Product design

Hanil: Dehumidifier

Featuring great practicality and uncluttered looks the Hanil dehumidifier design embodies a purity-inspired form factor, driven by elegant curves

CMF, Product design

Krone Golf: Brand Identity

We developed a visual identity and brand story to launch Krone's meticulously crafted golf clubs into champion territory

Branding, Graphics, Strategy

Krone Golf: High-end drivers

Made for excelling performance: Krone's custom tailored golf clubs are one of a kind, maxing power and precision of each swing

CMF, Product design

Layer LCD wrist watch concept

Layer is a stylish wrist watch that houses 3x synchronised LCD layers showing time in 3D elevated positions

CMF, Graphics, Product design

Nixplay: Cloud-connected photo frame

Entering a new era with its cloud connected photo frames Nix needed a fresh name and brand identity to underline its ambitions

Branding, Packaging, Product design, Strategy, UX

Coway: Water dispenser

Fusing Scandinavian purity into Coway's kitchen appliances, we created a natural and clean look to help the brand better differentiating

CMF, Product design

Phonejoy: Game controller product packaging

Phonejoy's sustainable and powerfully versatile product packaging is made to rock high-scores with gamers and retailers

Graphics, Packaging, UX

Porsche: Sports bag and backpack

The performance driven sports bag, backpack and waist bag incorporate a nested container concept merged with spacy-silver inner lining

Product design

Porsche Design & Adidas: Casual Running Shoes

Creating a hybrid shoe combining the elegant functionality of classic golf shoes with casual running footgear

CMF, Product design

Vodafone: Smart Phones 2016

Significantly enhancing the perceived value of Vodafone’s ‘Smart’ line we went the extra-mile to develop several high-end CMF designs


iRiver: portable music player

Grooving pockets: we envisoned a fresh look for irivers music players with fluid-edgy form factors and a minimalist interface

CMF, Product design

Angel: Product Identity

The new brand guidelines at hand, we adapted the scientific look into a powerful product design language to shape Angel's future products

Branding, Graphics, Product design, Strategy

KT Olleh: Portable and home WiFi product family

Inspired by South Korea's volcanic island Jeju we created a fresh look of KT olleh's digital home series of WiFi products

Branding, CMF, Product design

Using creativity beyond superficial looks

We closely collaborate with client teams to ideate and co-create design solutions beyond the superficial. Variety is part of our culture, hence the exploration of new viewpoints is crucial to our approach. Holistically taking on user experience facets, life routines, art & culture, materials or technologies, we often de-construct the current reality to create a new one. Yet, we ensure our work is cohesive to our clients’ reality.

Analog & digital from vision to reality

We love off-screen time. At the heart of our work we’re mixing analog & digital creation tools facilitating a better understanding of what we design. A reality-grounded method one can touch and feel. Our cross-disciplinary team not just takes whole projects from design ideation to development to launch, but considers every tangible aspect through the eyes of the user, manufacturing and gravity of the brand.

Awards and Accomplishments

Partnering with clients all the way through..

We greatly respect the productive value of a good and lasting relationship with our clients. It is the power of collaboration and open-minds. In order to develop successful designs and deliver great quality across the whole project process we believe it is crucial partnering all the way through the project across various key touch points. We work with client teams early on to help them define their challenges or determine their brand attributes, also openly discussing obstacles or honestly clarifying required compromises. To that end we always do our best to ensure that no success-critical aspect of the mission is left unharnessed, keeping our partners transparently informed throughout every project stage.

Impeccable execution and production

We design holistically with the aim to provide universal function across various applications: Physical, digital, and spatial. In respect of the versatility of our design approach, it is also value oriented. We can flexibly adapt the quality of our deliverables or complexity of development stages to specific needs of our clients’ teams. In contrast we avoid imposing unnecessary steps in the design process. The benefit: Staying close to mutual expectations and delivering solid outcomes without added risks. From the start we care deeply about production and execution, valuing partnerships that understand the importance of investing in production as well as design.

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