Coway: Water dispenser

Fusing Scandinavian purity into Coway's kitchen appliances, we created a natural and clean look to help the brand better differentiating

Thriving market trends for utilitarian kitchen appliances with simply yet elegantly integrated functionality pushed South Korean appliance brand Coway to re-evaluate its rather conventionally designed line of water purifiers. Mostly active in South Korea, Singapore, China and Malaysia Coway strived to position itself as a premium brand aiming to implement its wellness-infused strategy for most of its future products. Establishing Coway as forward-thinking wellness brand needed a design that would re-interpret the technological complexity into more natural aspects.

What we didAfter strategically assessing potential style directions, the design approach evolved rather swiftly, fully inspired by the pure character of Scandinavian nature. Encapsulating the Scandinavian utilitarian approach of designing functional objects the aesthetics of the water purifier combine singular textured wood surfaces and otherwise pristinely curved white surfaces. The metal look of the faucet spout is the only remaining element that provides a hint to the purifier’s otherwise hidden technology.

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  • Product design
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