M60M wrist watch concept

Hole in one: The iconic wrist watch design re-defines the display of time and makes a ground-breaking statement

Despite the abundance of sizes and sophistications wristwatches have become functionally obsolete in our digitally connected environments. As time can be noticed almost anywhere, wristwatches are degraded to fashion accessories or smart Bluetooth connected life trackers. This craved for a statement and so we created one, designing a wristwatch to suit urban life. Rendering the meaning of time as secondary, the M60M refuses contemporary conventions visually and conceptually. The reduction to equality of space and time is at the heart of this iconic time piece with its elegant ring-shaped appearance making a simple fashion statement in today’s materialistic society.

What we didA rotating disc replaces M60M’s hands, essentially marking only full hours and quarters, hence emphasising the ambience of the hour only roughly. The functionality of the closure of the wristband is much the same to typical snowboard soft bindings and enables fashionistas to wear it loose or tight. By push of the subtly hidden strap button the spring tension releases and the M60M can be easily stripped off. M60M’s ground-breaking concept and minimal aesthetics caused some stir around the internet, being published on 70+ magazines, websites and blogs in over 10 languages. The M60M wristwatch got awarded with national and international awards, such as the FYITA Silver Prize (P.R.China) and the Pininfarina/AED Young Talent Award of Germany.

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