PlusMinus: Flare Heater

Our vision concept for design-savvy Japanese home appliance maker PlusMinus explores new shapes and possibilities for ceramic heaters

Designed as a vision concept for design-savvy Japanese home appliance brand PlusMinus the “Flare” heater combines a conic uni-body design with an iconically designed ventilation area and dial-type user interface on its tip. Following a maximum reduction of details, every notch and hole had to be seamlessly integrated into the product’s form character, providing a full-fledged playground for each model’s decoratively inspired colors.

What we didThe user interface is seamlessly ingrained into the heater’s top surface, allowing the user to select three heating modes by gently turning the dial wheel. Originally inspired by the typically enclosed flame of oil lamps, we abstracted the flare and applied it onto the vent pattern, which adapts fluidly to the soft-curved appearance of the object.

  • CMF
  • Product design



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