MMoser: Workplace Architecture Marketing Brochure

We designed an iconic look for architecture firms MMoser's New York focused brochure, helping prospective clients to select the best possible office space in the city

Workplace architecture firm M Moser Associates required a useful guide for its potential clients in the US, specifically New York City. Assisting clients, brokers and developers alike in choosing more suitable office spaces in New York City’s challenging compliance jungle, the architecture firm needed a small yet powerful manual (half brochure) to guide its prospective clients step by step through the real estate zoning, use and design compliance regulations.

What we did: The starting point of the development was pretty clear: to simplify the compliance jungle to the most essential guidelines, emphasising a clean layout with compact communication and an easy navigation system to swiftly skim throught he pages. Therefore we developed a very geometric and spatially versatile layout that would not overwhelm people. Knowing that the booklet would be shared hand to hand, we had to ensure people would instantly recognise the creator, hence the graphic design emphasises large orange surfaces and accents (M Mosers branding identity). A neat side effect: M Moser directly benefits from clients moving to efficiently laid out and adequately equipped offices, thus enabling the architects to re-fit those with better workplace designs and achieving better business outcomes.

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